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This section is called "Business Information". It's a general topic to provide businesses with current, relevent information from start up to early growth and buyout. The information I have written about in this section are my thoughts and opinions.

If you are thinking about setting up a business, what's next? Whether you want an online or offline business you should ideally draw up an action plan. It will make logical sense because marketing your business is a skill, it takes a lot of time as there are many areas of marketing undiscovered. I suggest making a list of things to strengthen your business that will help your business come to life.

Well thought out businesses haven't suddenly appeared overnight. They had to gain traction to certain audiences to make it work. In order to do this, most online businesses have an "action plan". This action plan is more commonly known as a business plan.


Prepare Your Business

Your business should ideally fill a gap in the market. This could be a new technological product or creating a "needed service" that helps people. Other business concepts target to a certain niche areas within the market as the broader scope generally is harder to appeal to the masses. Some businesses become strong and successful as they are able to re adjust and adapt when trends change or fade over time.

Execute Your Action Plan

Action plans should be structured so that the contents are ordered making logical sense. Just like a business plan, action plans contain your visions. Write an executive summary of your overall insight of your business and what you aim to achieve. Utilise mind maps (spider diagrams) to build on the action plan, you can also use SWOT analysis and strategies for growth. I will outline the basics below and explain in greater detail soon.

Information in the action plans should be researched well. It should indicate who is your target market and everything about the business acknowledging risks.

Your Audience - whom are you selling to?

  • Age
  • Male/Female
  • Wealth Status
  • Location

What is the product or service about

  • Benefits
  • Price
  • Guarantee/Warranty
  • Returns
  • Linked Ventures
  • Materials To Support Your Product

Online Marketing

  • Advertisements
  • Social Media Strategy

Financials - Costs

  • Strategically Placed Advertisements

Using you business information to set up an online business. Start business plans and business evaluation and risk assessments and your target market.

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