Off Page Optimisation Marketing

Off page optimization techniques are used to build your business outside the realm of your website or blog.  As such, this section discusses the components for off page optimisation  and how explains a little about each one.

Off page optimisation should still target your market, this enables you to keep in contact and engage with your audience. Off page optimization helps to build awareness to your brand, presence and eventually brings buyer confidence. You should align your marketing efforts with your action plan (We have written an article about action planning under business information)


Off Page Website Optimisation

The same process is done when building a website. Each of these components can be used to gain attention to your website. Some of these components you can refine and re- test the market. Whether it’s to create new versions to see ‘what works’ or to release ‘beta’ versions. Whether you link them within your website or from another website back to yours, the content needs to engage and entice people to read more. These components are:

  • Search Engine Adverts
  • Presentations (Slides and Videos)
  • Create ‘Info graphics” (images that explain what you mean)
  • Take Part in Forums
  • Make Podcasts
  • Write articles on the web (Ezines)
  • Publish eBooks
  • Produce Whitepapers (Research)

Search Engine Adverts Search Engine Adverts are paid placements known as “adwords”. On Google, Yahoo and Bing, adverts appear on the right hand side of the page of the search engine results page.

Making infographics explain your business facts and figures. The best thing about infographics is that they aren’t just a common image, it explains processes through imagery.

Links A website should have internal link structure but also has links linking to other websites. When you do off page linking, the aim is to link other website back to yours! By linking from exterior websites with a big page rank it gives your website more authority. Linking to websites connected to your business, search engines have a better understanding what your business is about.

Page Rank Be an author on another website like Wikipedia or eHow. These type of websites usually appearing on the first page of major search engines. High rank authority sites start from rank 10 and the lowest is 0.

Forums Please use etiquette and be courteous to other users. You should be representing your business, not destroy it in one go. Keep your posts educational and informative, just like writing a post on your own blog. Just like your website, it should be of benefit and helpful.

Social media advertising engage your audience make it sound like you are talking to them. Connect your blog to social media platforms and keep them updated, don’t make it too relaxed as if you are speaking to a friend. Use social platforms such as slideshare and YouTube

Publish eBooks; there are many other sites offering download options and will allow you to keep the profits including sites like Amazon / eBay. With giving people download option, give your customers an added bonus to

Produce Podcasts; Podcasts is like doing PR on a radio station only that it isn’t live and websites have an option to replay. Sign up to soundcloud and use free products like Windows Encoder screen capture 4 to record a 10 minute voice recording. Upload your recording to soundcloud (it’s also possible to put this podcast on YouTube)

Whitepapers are is an authoritative report or guide informing readers in a concise manner about a complex issue and presenting the issuing body’s philosophy on the matter.

One other piece of cool advice is to ask your existing customers for good reviews, testimonials and ratings for your product / service. You can add “bad reviews” or reviews your company can improve on.You need to know where your strength lies and where you can improve. when you introduce “product 2” on the market. Your potential customers can see how much you have come along and that you are listening to your customer. you don’t want to put on their reviews that will hurt you at a later date.

The idea of using different marketing strategies is to create or give something of value to your customers. Ideally it should be given free as a bonus material or at a low affordable cost (possible with a guarantee too)

Off Page Optimisation Strategy

Create content that motivates the reader. This can be emotional, educational or a general need. Each component can be make fairly easily using different outsourcing options. It’s ideal to write thought provoking, engaging content to make them viral as possible, Use social media to make it possible for your readers to share your media with friends.

There’s two ways of looking at this off page methods. The first is to attract potential customers you can make content viral. The second method can be to spread you message. Whether it’s designed to spread brand awareness or just to keep them updated with current information about your service or products.