Get Website Presence – Get Your Website Seen On The Internet

Get Your Customers Attention?

There are 3 trillion websites on the internet and many of the these websites are YOUR competitors. You might wonder HOW are you going to get your website ranked on the first page of Google or any other search engine? It is not impossible but it isn’t easy either. If you have not got people’s attention within the first 8 seconds when they click on your website, you lose. You lose on time (building and organising your website) you lose on money – paying for media coverage and advertising – which translates to lost sales revenue.

How To Get Website Presence

What if we told you that you don’t need a fantastic well designed website with all the SEO (search engine optimisation) on it or even have a blog attached to get website presence? We will personally show you how to engage with people and uncover the myths of marketing your business to get your website ranked.

It’s not hard to do. People think that it’s in the coding or tricks to using repetitive keywords. In fact, search engines like Google prefer you to write to your readers. What online marketing is all about is getting search engine robots to understand what your business is about. All you need is:

  • Full review of your business concept
  • Full market research to explore your business niche
  • Go local
  • Know your target market
  • Know the trigger words that will make your customers respond (soft sell)
  • Uncover ways on how to find your customers instead of depending on them finding you
  • Your website presence must engage people and make them trust you


Get Your Website Ranked In Google

When people look through Googles search results they are specifically looking for companies that can “help solve their problems“, “save money” or they need to know “how to do” something. People hate being sold to or be driven to a product or service without really understanding the benefits of what it will do for them. By targeting your website to cater to your potential customers looking for a solution to their problem, you are establishing a common ground with them. Once you have built a rapport with them, they will start to trust your brand and and then become a loyal customer by coming back to your business.

Have you every been to a shop where the customer service has been fantastic? Maybe the question you have to ask is WHY? What makes them better than others? Is it because they know you? is it because they are local? Is it because they go out of their way to find a solution to your problem? Now, these are the same questions you need to ask your own online business from your customers point of view. See, by establishing website presence isn’t hard to. To beat your competition on “play with the bigger websites” go niche, do something that they haven’t tried and always test your market

Get Online Presence

It is essential for your business to get the right advice and the right support to successfully grow a business online. Through my website blog we show how internet marketing is done and how your business can be seen in Googles search results just by doing the necessary tweeks to your website. It is always best to see what works well for your website

There are many subtle changes made by Google to meet the new demands to reach the mobile market. My thoughts is that search engines want to make do with website ranking and seeing the overall picture of a business just like a brick and mortar business. If you’re in high competition in a local areas (businesses like restaurants) We believe that SEO has it’s benefits and will be around for a long time. These are the factors to bear in mind whilst your website is in development. Key areas of focus are

  • Accessibility
  • Usability / Responsive
  • Speed
  • Authority
  • Support Functions

Internet marketing environment is moving at a fast pace. As different technologies are brought out, it is important to consider how your business reaches the needs to your customers.