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Goals, Dreams and Ambitions

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When I first got into sales, I was told to write out some personal goals, dreams and ambitions. I thought this advice was rubbish but now I know, it isn’t! Sales is one of the hardest jobs and it’s definitely not for everyone. Many jobs are commission based and target driven.

I have a notice board at home of the things I want to accomplish and this is my motivation to get the things I want in life. The reason why I am advising you is because I believe it works. If you’ve read the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, (link to amazon) the participants tell you to focus on the things you want and the universe will provide. Here is an example of my personal goals within the next 10 years:

  • I want 20 leads a week and from that 2 buy into my services
  • Travel through Europe
  • Learn Hieroglyphs
  • Invest money that give me a good return each year
  • To be financially secure by age 50

Create a list of things you want to achieve such as getting a promotion or buy a house.This will grease your wheels to get motivated into selling well. Please put your list on your work desk, there is no point hiding it in a draw. Another tip is to make the list realistic as possible.

Your motivation in sales

You will find out through this course that many decisions are emotionally based and it all starts with you. You are a mirror image to the people who sit in front of you. Start your sales journey right by putting a positive attitude into your work. If you come across as a happy person with a life full of opportunities and abundance people will buy into YOU. Work hard enough and you will achieve your goals, dreams and ambitions. No one else will get them for you!

:: Stay tuned for more sales tips, until then – happy selling!

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