How To Market Your Home Care Business

How to market a home care business - lead generation - engage your readers

Are you looking for ways in which you can successfully market your home care business? Online and offline marketing are intergral parts of business survival for all home care businesses. Today there seems to be an increasing number of entrepreneurs struggling to keep their home care business operating. Constant rotating door of employed staff and clientele and some businesses are not enough notice which means they have restricted cash flow. So how can a home care business thrive?

Types Of Home Care Businesses

There are many different types of home care businesses in England. They employ carers who help take care of service users who have various ailments and/or ability. Established businesses range from care homes (a well known service for the elderly), care at home which a client of any age with any type of disability can be cared for using the services of carers within a specific time period and residential care which serves a small about of people with similar types of disabilities.

Marketing A Home Care Business Online

How does one effectively market their home care business online? Whether your business is a start up business or has been going on for many years, it’s always a good idea to work on your care website frequently.

All businesses need paying clientele, the sole purpose of their business. This means that a strong presence is needed on and offline. Online marketing will often help young family members discover you. If you market your business offline, your care business may be spotted by the aged and can be targetted to those with specific needs.

Therefore, if you are a care home, you may find your clientele being of old age, Considering baby boomers have reached retirement age, are they more or less likely to use the internet?. If your residential care home aims to attract people with learning difficulties or clients with autism, you may want to think about marketing towards people with these types of conditions or the parents of children with certain conditions.

Study Your Competitors Website

When I read a typical home care website, I’ve noticed that they are fairly similar to one another with some subtle differences. If you think about it, There are many home care businesses competing in the same area for more or less the same type of clientele. This means that if the websites are similar, the businesses could be competing against other business types for the same keyword. Unless the business has a generous budget to spend on search engine ads, many will rank low in the search engines results page. Let’s have a close look at what I mean.

Home Care Marketing – Online Case Study

Case Study- Type in Google “home care service”. Looking through the results page I found two websites which lead me directly to their own home page (eg websites ending with .com,, .org …etc). There are atleast 7 adverts showing in Google’ organic results page along with home pages of just two care companies; Care Mark and Awarding Care These end in, I am missing out the websites which have a linked page in the URL eg

*Organic results are websites listed on the left hand side of search engines and not marked as Google Ads.

Similarities: Layout, theme and structure | Differences: Wording on home page, navigation menu and call to action

It may obvious why Care Mark ranks higher in Google UK than Awarding Care. The amount of words and content in the web page is clearly visible. The more words written on the website send to do better overall, Googles algorythms are written in a way that it decides which website has more authority over another based on the value and quality of content.

Home Page Keywords

When writing content for a home page, it’s good to let people know about the range of services your company offers. Remember to that it’s not necessarily what you can do for people but what people need from you. Within the care industry, this is called person centred planning and achieving the same concept can be done online too. All it’s about is using EXPRESSION. You can not talk to someone face to face on a website (usless you have a instant chat widget) so your words are need to be expressed so it hits the hearts of the reader and their needs are synced.

Using the examples above for both websites ranking for “home care services”. To me it’s quite surprising that neither website actually have strong keywords for “home care services”.  One can use these keywords if you believe it is an area to exploit and compete against your competition.

It’s easy to think that people will be searching “home care services” but is this true? As a marketer, I would use them, I think that the search termis a term that can be broken up and mean almost anything in general; “home care services”-(cleaning), “care services”-(from a specific organisation), “carer services” -(from a qualified professional).

But to be more exact, alter these keywords slightly. Putting myself in the shoes of a potential client, I would add “home care services for wheelchair users”, “home care services in Birmingham”. These keyword extentions to “home care services” is an industry name called “long tail keywords”.

A quick note. Both websites use their graphics well to make the website look attractive and friendly, they can still contain useful, describing keywords.

Extend Your Keyword Phrases 

Write A Blog

Write a blog!. Keywords are very important to website optimisation and marketing efforts. Blogs contain important information to both clients and employees. Keep blogs updated regularly, pack them full with funny images, powerful messages with words, how to guides. Blogs help motivate people and are very resourceful, it helps your ranking if you make your employees aware and to refer to your blog! Reviewing both website blogs, Awarding Care has a blog but you have to scroll down the page to “latest updates” and  Care Mark has  “news” articles under the “about” page.

  How about informing your clients with your latest activities and use permission marketing to advertise these meet up services.

It’s important to consider who your target customer is. People be more likely to enter keywords into search engines which match their specific needs.

Some Keywords To Think About

Keyword phrase examples:

  • help with care at home
  • autistic child carers in London
  • home care help in Glasgow

Keyword Phrases in Google:

Google suggest terms are helpful at times. You may want to consider using “home care service providers” and “home care support”,

Navigation Keywords

CareMark navigation has been thought out. Looking at the navigation menu, I can hover over any part of the menu to access any drop down pages and understand clearly what one wants in order to navigate the website well. The use of “How do I pay” is a better term than “Financials”. Some Websites use the word “Funding”. I prefer “Cost of care”. From these three keywords, it is better to get into the head of a client than it is as a marketer. Always think about usuability and acessibility. One thing to consider is to use a program that can help change the sizes of letters on a page.

Extention Of Your Care Business

Home care agencies can take significant steps to maximise business potential. Making your business accessible to the general public will help business exposure but also wins trust with the community. Have you thought about providing other services which enables clients with their everyday needs? Solutions include providing other services to help clients in their own homes.

Home Care business catering service | Home care mobility and support aids | Pets services

You may argue that you already have a home page that displays what servces you offer. ..But it’s not about what you say but HOW you say it.

 How would I write content for a care company?

Home Care Funding

Most businesses choose to take out a loan but what happeneds if a bank doesn’t make loans available? How can a struggling home care business invest in itself to survive? New strategy of business survival has been the ability to invest back into the business not by purchasing stocks or touching pension funds but by using bank instruments,Even though bank instruments are often used in trade finance they can help cash flow. Not many businesses know about bank instruments and how they can work for any business.