Home Page Content Writing

Home page content writing - website presence marketing example for a care company

When writing home page content for an online business you may want to ask yourself: “How does my business home page differentiate itself from my competition?.” Does your business copy information and trends that already exist on the web or are you creating a new industry? Do you check out your competitions website to see how you can gain advantage over the use of keywords? Is your business an industry leader or follower?

When reading home page content of any business, we notice they tend to generally “speak” the same way. So in our opinion, there is room to compete for business.

Pick your words carefully,


Home Page Content Writing

When structing home page content first of all, it’s best to write a draft copy of atleast 700 words. Use your researched keywords and SEO links too!. You can use Canva.com and Pixabay to select and optimise images for your website.

Example: Care Agency

One example are common trends in the structure of information used by care companies. We found most care companies write more or less the same content. Not one care company in the UK stands out from another. As a marketer, I would be suggesting these care compnies to use a different approach =the “person centred” approach.

As a marketer, I would write content strictly in relation to the subject matter, context can transform an average care company to a caring care company. Putting time aside, go to a search engine and type in  “home care agencies”. (The home page of a website ends in either .com, .org, .co.uk …etc) Have a look at the home page of each business you come across and spot the similarities and difference between them.

Home Page Content

To demonstrate the importance of words on a home page, below is a small extract of content written by a care company and also the way I would market a home care company:

A care company: We, “care company UK” offer a range of bespoke solutions that are tailor made to suit your needs. Our staff are highly trained and motivated to help you with your everyday needs. Whether it’s live in care staff or pop in carers, we can find the right solution for your care needs. We introduce live-in carers to individuals who need a little extra help to remain independent and stay within their own home.

Alternative Content Solution

Home care businesses are the easiest way to hit the hearts and minds for people who need help. People can feel vunerable if they are reliant on other people to help them. It is essential for a care company to win trust of these potential clients. As well as trust, people want to know they have security and privacy but also independence in their home.

Many businesses may describe attributes and charateristics of the staff they employ. Variance such as “professional”, industry “qualified”, “caring” and “considerate”; these can be statements of fact that help gain trust with the reader but I would go as far as explaining  that staff will find it natural to put the autonomy, respect and needs of the client first. But think about this for a second

My Adjustments: We understand your needs come first as we recognise not every person is alike. By tailor making your care needs, we can provide you with bespoke services to fulfill your specific requirements. This is done by making sure we match your our with highly trained carers and us, a care company that focusses on giving you execllent quality of life. Our clients have the freedom and liberty to live without the constraints of living in a care home or the challenges they meet daily living on their own.  Would you like to read more about what our other clients say about us? …

Home Page Content Matters

You see, the biggest difference is with the wording. Not only does it single out the reader, but they believe it was written for them. The hardest part in communication is by making sure the delivery of your words and understood and the message is clear to the reader.

Not only the wording is written in a specific way but they images and other features need to align with what your website is about. It also helps your business to use testimonials and ratings of previous customers to emphasize trust worthiness.

Offer Your Services On The Home Page

In my opinion, many websites are bloated with the same repetitive information on multiple pages in a website. Sometimes I find that the “home page” on a website has the same content as the “services page”. This makes the website slow to load and hard to understand. Small companies can overcome the bloat by having the home page as the, “services we offer” page.  All that you need to do on the home page is link specific keywords to the relevant page you want your customers to navigate to.

You can think of home pages behaving like a shop window. This means that you do not need a separate “services page” to compliment a homepage. The bulk of the services you offer can be written in the blog. This helps organise and structure your keywords for that specific service. The home page should provide easy navigation and easily read by text to speech apps.