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Content Strategy Tips

When planning you main keyword positions, use a word program. First work on content which surrounds keywords. Add the keyword in to make the sentences gramatically correct. If you have content that spans over two pages, then make sure you use titles and heading efficiently. You may find that some information may has been replicated on a few pages, this is ok if you have written over 1000 words and the replicated portion is a fraction of the whole document.

Keep content “bite sized” where possible as people attention span isn’t very long. Use easy to understand words if you are writing for the web which may have international readers. You can structure your content into some order keeping your web page consistent to the overall look and feel of your website.

Note For eCommerce Websites

It can be difficult to optimise eCommerce sites as cetain programs restrict the size of text areas within the storefront. Pages will often be slow to load due to the amount of bytes on the web page –  images are the culprit in many cases. We advice to use strong keywords that are eye catching and descriptive. eg If we look for a certain type of shoe. We would like to see specific information in the description tag such as “comfortable size 9 black shoes for girls”.

There are other ways in which shops can sell items is to write content for each item on the product page. Don’t be disheartened if you have many pages for each product. If your shop has many items it’s a good idea to write a review for them and give instructions on how to use them (Amazon is a great example.)

General Keyword Advice

Remember to search for keywords that customers will likely use will significantly increase viewer readership to your website blog. Always remember that you aren’t trying to sell your company to your viewers, you are making them aware of your brand.

If you make your keywords long tail, you try to match the search query that people are looking for. Ideal search words are words like idea, guide, info, tips, advice, training and tricks. It is a good idea to offer something for free when asking a person to part with their money. Giving away free products adds value your business and offering extra material such as a free guide for them to download keeps relationship on going. This will help keep your business to the fore and introduce further offers at a later date. Please note that if people are searching for free guides, they are not looking to buy!

Where To Put Your Keywords

The best example for content strategy I can show you is an example of one of our past projects. It’s not one of the highest ranking keywords but it does just enough to bring in 2 enquiries a day. We ask you to refer to this finance page.

Keyword Position

First, we wrote everything we knew about SBLC’s. The aim was to write about the subject in simple terms. Without assuming people already knew about the product, we wanted to describe –  what it is and how it works. To make a website trust worthy and approachable, it is important to “speak to the reader”.

Keyword positions are important factor in your optimisation effort. Standby Letter Of Credit is the main keyword I used. It’s used in the URL, heading title, Image and image description, This keyword is the short tail keyword. I don’t expect this word to rank in Googles search results. After all this keyword is used a lot but other finance firms so I have to look deeper to turn this keyword into something that attracts buyers instantly.

The second keyword is “SBLC” which again is used very frequently. SBLC is in the URL,, heading, titles and images. Another keyword is “Bank Instrument” and “SBLC Financing”, need an SBLC  and lease an SBLC (page 1 placement 3).

The third keyword I have used is “Bank Instrument”, an alternative word to describe the SBLC which Google will not consider as spam. If I left the words as SBLC, Google would probably “penalise” the website. I have enough content on the page to make it “authoritive”.

I have also used “lease a standby letter of credit” which is a long tail keyword which is on page one of Google.

Keyword position - where to postion keywords on a website

The length of SBLC article has more than 1,000 words, Google has ranked the page for it’s quality and authority. This isn’t the top ranking page for this business but you can see how powerful keywords are to a website. You may also find where we have positioned the keywords above. The secret to keyword position is to use long tail keywords least twice in the article per paragraph. Short tail keywords in the title.

Write as much as you know about the subject you are selling and put some enthusiasm or knowledge into the content. Just to recap: If you write over 1,200 words, maximise the keywords by dividing the content over two pages (so you have 600 words spread over two pages). Stay on topic about the product or service you intend on selling. Each page should ideally be at least 300 words minimum I would say up to 700 words per page or more produces the best results.

Just a little note: If you’re writing for a financial firm or banking organisation, the content has to be well thought out. Most registered finance firms have to abide to certain rules and regulations to what they can “advertise” and they are not allowed to solicit business at all.

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