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Keyword research is part of the building blocks to get your website seen in search engines. Finding appropriate keywords and knowing where to place them on your website will help reduce costs in advertisements and Adwords

What is SEO?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimisation” Other parts of SEO includes; optimising images, videos and podcasts, using strong keywords for heading and titles. writing content for the reader. Content can be split into different categories. You can write to sell products such as writing a sales pitch for eCommerce (shop) websites, a story or content with the intent to teach.

What are keywords?

Before doing any research into website keywords, it’s important to know what key words are and why we use them? This might remind you of school and how we learned to construct the English language to make up words > sentence > paragraphs. We string words together to make ourselves understood to others about our needs and wants.

Constructing keywords

Speaking naturally, most sentences spoken in English are made of: Noun, verb, adjective and adverbs. Don’t worry, I’m not going to go into a whole lesson of English grammar. Using select words, we can begin to understand what words to use when we want to sell things on the internet. We can either be:

  • short – to the point but can miss details and
  • long winded-providing specific information

It is ideal to use strong verbs with the item you are basing your website on. If you use short key words, they may be skipped as they don’t provide enough detail. Use strong verbs with importance to attract attention without coming across desperate. Rephrasing your keywords without sounding like a parrot is often a good idea.

When people are looking for something there’s usually a clue about the subject that they need or want.. the clue to speech are called keywords. It is logical to think that people will ask questions in search engines as if they are talking to a real person.

Planning Your  SEO KeyWords

Short tail keywords and long tail keywords

When we talk about “SEO + keyword research” we are essentially talking about short and long tail keywords. Short tail keywords are “subject keywords”. When writing for the web you make use of both short and long tail keywords.

To give you an example of this let’s pretend I am looking for “black shoes”. Remember that the longer the search term, the more specific the result.

Black shoes are sold everywhere so we could say that it can be hard to rank your website in a saturated market. You aim is to break it down to beat your competition with terms they haven’t used or try and play on words for the best possible outcome.

  • “Black shoes” – this is a short tail keyword [black] and [shoes]
  • “Black shoes with a bow” – is a good keyword as it is more descriptive
  • “Cheap black shoes with a bow” – this is better as it’s a “buying keyword” in the search phrase
  • “Buy cheap black shoes with a bow for girls” – this is a long tail keyword.

The short tail keyword (sentences containing one or two words) have been extended into a longer form called long tail keyword into the verb – to buy. By using “Buy cheap black shoes with a bow for girls”, it is possible to reconstruct content by dividing these keywords up into:

  • “cheap black shoes”,
  • “Buy shoes for girls”
  • “Girls shoes with bows for sale”
  • “best selling girls shoes from Next (shop)”.

So breaking a sentence down we can see the keywords that people are looking for: Cheap (money/expense) Shoes (product) Bow (appearance) and Next (shop/store).

Keyword research for black shoes

Words that trigger people “to buy” sit along the short tail keywords Words to encourage action are words like “cheap”, “inexpensive”, “invest”, “valuable” and “sale” The buying terms often relate to monetary value. To some extent adjective words are best to exaggerate the product or service so use words like “comfortable”. “best” and “easy”.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is an search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that professionals use to find and research actual search terms that people enter into search engines.- Wikipedia

This is the most important operation for your website. Hitting the right keywords will automate your website and with little meddling, you can remain at the top of search engines for some time. It’s so important to use words which attracts readers to your website. Targeting specific buying words will attract potential customers or “prospects” to your website who are ready to part with their money. By using the right keywords, you will save time (and money) drawing up unnecessary back links to your website. All keywords used on your website must be industry specific and relate to your business.

I’m going to start off on the next page by researching Googles’ keyword suggestions tool and seeing what they suggest. Googles’ keyword suggestions tool is useful as it persuades people to click on a link that matches their current situation or circumstance..

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