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How to do “Basic Keyword Research?”

Keyword research can be done quite easily by using the biggest 3 search engines and their keyword tools. The top search engines are Google, Bing and Yahoo. They are closely followed by Ask and AOL.

Find the most common questions asked in Google are for people looking for specific benefits, offers, relief and solution (you will give them the answer in your website). Your business is in operation because you already provide a solution to problems.

Today over 2 billion searches are made per day by people needing one of three things. So you might be questioning how on earth it is possible to do keyword research? Well, we can break this down into facts. People use search engines to:

  • Look for specific information
  • Find a guide, advice or training article
  • Review a product or service
  • Buy product

What we may think people are searching for, might actually be far from the truth. Sometimes businesses come from and angle of promotion and selling, whereas visitors to a website might be looking for more information about it.

Knowing where and how keywords are placed in your website will have a significant effect on your website rank. Factors that effect a website rank score are:

  • How and where you have used keywords
  • Page content – Are you writing a product review or is it a store?
  • Location of your business and target market that search engines determine
  • Organic or paid search results
  • Business niche
  • The dreaded Google algorithms

Use Googles’ keyword search tool to findĀ  keywords that people are using to find products that you advertise.

Googles’ Keyword Search Tool

Try it out by typing in Googles search box a mixture of questions relating to your product/service. You’ll notice a drop down with other relative words appear with Google trying to preempt what you are asking them by suggesting words to finish off the rest of your sentence.

Some questions asked are called “knowledge based questions” and if people are looking to buy with results with the words “cheap” and “low cost”, they are called “buying keywords” (I have an explanation of buying keywords in the next article).

If you have a product to sell, you can research valuable keywords in other websites like by using Amazon, YouTube and eBay suggestion tool. They are also programmed in the same way as Google when looking for certain things.

If you visit (Login to Gmail mail be required) you will see Googles Keyword Planner

How to use googles keyword planner

In the green section (Find new keywords and get search volume date) > search for new keywords using a phrase. Type in your keyword (this can be your shortail keyword) select your target area, eg if you live in the United States of America, you may just want to search for the US. If you want to leave your term very broad, leave the fields blank and press “get ideas”. Google will then bring up a page on the keyword data you want to review.

Google keyword keyword planner Specific terms in Googles keyword planner tool

(You might have to click on the images to view)

The first image is the generalized key terms mostly relating to “shoes”, the second image has more specific keywords relating to “black shoes”. The search results in the second image isn’t perfect but it gives me a few more keywords to think about. Look for the search box where you entered “Black shoes” and type in more specific information about black shoes, the results should update, with new ideas.

The screen in is more or less pretty much what you need to know for basic keywords..Our services are open for those who need an indepth keyword strategy. One thing to note is the competition section. You can click the “competition” title and Google will reverse the title of competition results from “High to Low” volume to “Low to high” volume.

If you are selecting a keyword with high volume, chances are you will be in competition with the big corporations! You may not want to compete with corporations are they tend to use the keywords for their ad campaigns and they have the money to “afford these terms. The volume to aim for is “LOW” with average monthly searches of 2K-100K. (This is for moderate companies) If you find a keyword with better average monthly searches, even better! These keywords should be part of any seo keyword research.

Keyword Research Tools

There are many free and paid keyword research tools on the internet which can help drive your campaign forward. They each have their benefits and drawbacks. It’s a good idea to review these products before paying for them as you might want a product that is easy to use to begin with. We believe that it’s worth paying to use other paid keyword tools because they do suggest other keywords that people might use when looking for a specific product.

Free keyword tool generators:

  • Google search
  • Google adword keyword planner
  • Bings suggestion tool
  • Uber suggest
  • Keyword Eye (Sign up with paid options)
  • Google Trends (Past performing keywords)

Paid keyword tools:

Personally we use SEMRush as it appears to be an all in one package and it gives your the advantage of spying on competitors.

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