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People can experience difficulty when writing for the web so very often they will employ ghost writers or freelance sector specific content writers. It only comes natural when you know how search engines work and beating your competition by knowing what keywords they are using.

When writing posts there are a number of parts to entice someone to read further or even better, buy your product. This is commonly known as “soft sale”. Without solicitation or flashy gimmicks, you can often associate your circumstance to your readers if they need a solution to a specific problem. I have listed my top sales tips for writing for the web.

  • Know your customer

Find out who your audience is, How does it benefit them? show the readers empathy and give them a reason why you are the best alternative. Think about your opening lines and how it will impact them.

  • Pre Sell

When you are writing for the web, you are targeting the words people are typing into search engines. It is your job as a business to get the right keywords to fulfill their needs. You can set people up to get them into the buying mood. You can show them how to do things and then buy into your knowledge. If you are an eCommerce business (web shop) there are ways you can soft sell a product

  • Talk to them

Talk “their” language. Base your writing on the facts or your services. You can find out what’s going on in their mind when you see what type of keywords are typed into search engines. Images can do a lot of talking especially infographics, consider using these as a step by step approach to meet your customer expectation. You can list or identify problems which they currently relate to.

  • Tell Them The Benefits

Give them what they are looking for. Base your services or product around interesting topics. Does it fit in their lifestyle, environment or capabilities?

  • Can They Make Easy Payments?

Offer trial runs and work out how people can afford it.based either on industry average. Can you guarantee your product will last? does it have value? does it help them? Make it easy for buyers to be able to talk to you (or have privacy) during the sales process. This includes listening to your client.

How to sell on the internet

Social media has opened it’s doors to connect to audiences on a personal level. This has helped many businesses gain trust and loyalty from the customer. Sometimes it’s good to connect to your readers on that personal level. You don’t have to write your website in this style (certainly not what I am doing now) but on a blog you can consider writing to them. My top tips for blog writing:

  • Write casually like you would if you are talking to a friend (but not too casual that it doesn’t fit in with your audience)
  • Stop selling! start recommending
  • Write how you speak
  • Write in short sentences
  • Just promote one product per page (eCommerce sites)
  • Be very soft in your approach and built trust, you won’t get that trust straight away
  • Give your reader lots of information so that they feel that they are gaining something from you
  • Back up your product by reason

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