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About Me | Denise Webster – Internet Marketer

Welcome to my SEO agency Website Presence, my name is Denise Webster and I manage this internet marketing agency in the UK. I provide professional SEO services to small and medium businesses. I am a committed individual who likes to work closely with firms to reach a common goal, to get your website seen on the internet.

Website Presence Internet Marketing Agency UK

My agency is connected to a small team of digital entrepreneurs who can help your business with new product launches, improve your organic search result or looking for lead generation, As well as being an internet marketer, there are other services I provide. I harness skills such as list building, database building and research. I help companies build databases by using Microsoft products to collect and manage data should they need specific information about prospects.Denise Webster - Website Presence - CEO

I will carefully trawl through your website to gather the information about your business. At the same time this will enable me to see how your website is being optimised. I can then suggest how your website can improve. If you can supply your own content, this is helpful. Here is a list of internet marketing services I offer:

On Page Optimization Services

  • Keyword research
  • Website design and build
  • Ghost and copy writing
  • Optimise your sales approach
  • Optimization for products on eCommerce websites
  • SEO services
  • Image optimization

Off Page Optimization Services

  • Advertisement on other websites
  • Advertisements on Google (Adwords)
  • Social media marketing

Other Inbound Marketing Services

  • Email marketing
  • Referral / Product management
  • PR
  • Research
  • Database building
  • Corporate brochure designs

Get Referral Business

Follow up is key to business success. Whether it’s a compliant to people looking to buy but needing further information. All too often businesses spend too much time and money trying to attract prospectors rather than paying attention to the clients in their database. I can create beautiful follow up cards that can keep your business in the fore front of your customers minds to attract repeat business.

New product launches need help getting in front of prospects. I can help provide a lead generation service this is done through research and building a list of potential customers for your business to market to. It is very important for businesses be able to attract the right target market to buy into their brand and to keep the customers reminded about your future developments through constant contact.

Internet Marketing Services

I provide a range of internet marketing services that can help your business get seen by potential customers. I have experience in setting up a Facebook shopping page and manage the Twitter and Google Plus account for Prestige Capital Partners therefore using many social media platforms. Social media platforms enables websites to connect directly to customers. Social media marketing is one of the best parts of marketing that will attract new customers.

By understanding your target market, I can help grow your business popularity and build a trust worthy brand that dominates your market. Website presence offers free reviews as part of it’s services. Improve website visibility, social media marketing, get referrals.

There is a 80/20 rule that applies to many brick and mortar businesses. The saying is that 80% of the time is spent prospecting (otherwise known as ‘hunting and gathering’) whilst the other 20% is spent selling or servicing clients (otherwise known as ‘farming’). What if I could flip that around for your organization? Why spend all that energy looking for prospects when you can outsource it? Let your sales team do what they do bestĀ – sell!

About Website Presence

Website Presence can get your internet business in front of an audience by helping your business leverage the power of the web. My company has paved a way for a number of companies to grow by showing them how they can influence people and use persuasive buying language. My internet marketing agency is focused on building, maintaining and promoting a range of websites such as b2b websites and eCommerce businesses. Internet marketing is constantly evolving and new ways of marketing appear and become main stream. As well, new developments in marketing, technology and software have also developed which help businesses become more efficient. I have extensive knowledge of internet marketing and how to leverage businesses on the internet. This is why you need a marketer that understands on and off page optimization and is able to prove their capability.

Other Skilled Areas

Database building is labour intensive and can involve hours of paying attention to present specific information in detail. However, very often companies are not prepared to hire an employee for this purpose or have the resources to justify paying someone on a full time basis just for the purpose of prospecting, this is where I come in. Prospecting is one of the most time consuming elements of any business but without the prospects, there is little chance of making the sale.

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