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How To Start A Blog Or Build A Website

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It used to be important for a business to either start a blog or build a website. When I first learned to build a website it was said that the difference between a website and blog is; a website is ‘static’ meaning a business would write a couple of pages and leave it. A blog on the other hand is like reading a daily newspaper. It was updated to keep up with current affairs of your business.

Nowadays it’s more common to see that most online businesses have both website and blog functions – just like this website. Websites and blogs can be coded using a few languages (from basic HTML to decoration code like css, to programming to do stuff such as java script). Or, like this website; using WordPress as a platform that has been coded for free for ‘non techies’. Platforms like WordPress have been designed so that you can make a website using different plugins to build a website. It’s quite like putting together a jigsaw puzzle, these platform are known as a WYSIWYG (pronounced as “whizzywig”)

As it is more popular to use a blog

  1. Because you can easily update a blog
  2. Building a website and making a blog is morphing into the same context (Both using same build and marketing principles)

I’ll be talking about setting one up and then what you have to do to get it seen (ranked)

Starting a Blog

Do you know that blogging is a vital element for internet success? Can a website blog really be a powerful tool when marketing a business online?

The answer is an absolute yes!. Blogging is one way where your business can leverage up Google rankings. Google’s algorithms understand that as you update your blog, your business website is active and regularly maintained. You don’t have to update it everyday but twice a month should be sufficient. (By saying regularly it isn’t compulsory but it has been proven; vital for customer attention and retention)

How To Set Up A Blog

Here’s James Stafford, he has some really good videos explaining how to set up a WordPress blog. Right from buying a domain name to uploading your website ready for search engine discovery.

How to get people to read my blog?

In this era of digital marketing competing with big corporations can be a nightmare. But…. by knowing secrets of social media strategies and other internet marketing loopholes you can out beat them by knowing the secrets of online presence.

You apply the same principles as creating a website when setting up a website blog. Only blogs take most of your time and effort because you are problem solving your customers questions and expanding on the relevance of your business to them. You do spend more time “looking for the right long tail keywords” and using the right images but this benefits you in the end. as you turn them into buyers.

Essential components for a successful blog

To get a website or blog seen, it’s wise to use an SEO strategy. I can either help you by hiring my services or use the navigation at the top of this website to learn SEO techniques step-by-step. The whole website is an online tutorial, easy to follow. Start with On Page Optimsation and work down the navigation bar, then move over to Off Page Optimisation.

Get Search Engine Ready

Knowing the necessary elements of off page optimisation is crucial to web business success. Websites before the year 2000 went along the premise that once a website was built, it would get seen. Now we understand a lot more effort is needed to get sales.

Consider using excel spreadsheets or a similar program to document when and where you made posts or adverts for your website. The internet is a huge place where things can get complicated when you haven’t documented your posts. Another useful tool to measure the inbound links of your website is by using analytic software.

Search engines recognize continuity and developments through on and off page optimisation. It is my belief that they will “reward” the owners somewhat by giving the website a better ranking. Search engines know that the business is still in operation and not left dormant. By doing this it makes your business appear more specialist which dominates a certain market.

How To Maximise Your Blog Sales

If your blog has traffic, you might want to offer the visitors more products. To keep visitors interested iin your products or services, you can make info products like your very own eBook or sell someone elses products that are closely related to your business without being direct competition to yours. You can make money by affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

A few years ago George Brown taught me how to market my blogs. He teaches his pupils the basics of seo and keyword research and using this knowledge to write powerful, informative blogs. He also teaches people ‘how to make infoproducts’, his material is quite expensive but worth the price.

If you are looking at creating a blog to make money online as a company representative or affiliate of a company, I can suggest that this website will help you discover ways how you can become a successful affiliate marketer.

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