Use These Low Cost Strategies To Market Your Club Website

Most clubs often need to market their website consistently in order to attract new paying members. It can be hard to keep people paying a subscription over long periods of time as over time people lose interest or their circumstances differ. Marketing techniques need to be cheap and cost effective so not many clubs use a website unless it is budgeted for ver well.

There are a number of ways you can market a club website. First of all, you can use a “free” website builder and hosting service such as wix and weebly. From their quite often a social media account is used like facebook/twitter/instagram.

How To Market A Club Website

One of the biggest platform you can use to market your club is on a website app called The owner of the club page pays a small fee for their advertisment space. We recommend using this site as it gives you control on meet up dates, announcements and keeps you in touch with sign ups.

Most clubs, charities and similar organisations often need the help of current members to advertise for more subscribers. Give your members encouragement to share information about your organisation through “word of mouth”. Word of mouth isn’t just an effective marketing strategy, it’s the most important testimonial any organisation receives. Although this website is slow to load, here are some vital statistics about WOM advertising

Examples of Clever Club Marketing Strategies

One of the cheapest forms of marketing is Word Of Mouth. You may be thinking “What can we do to get people to market our website?”.  Those who are very interested in your club may do things for the club on the side; such as distributing or delivering business cards/promotional materials.

However, it can be fairly difficult for those who may ask, “what’s in it for me?”.

  • Offer % off the next subscription
  • Reduce sign up subscription costs for the first (few) month(s) – giving limited time period
  • Incentive for them to earn money through recommendations

Other Cheap Ways To Advertise A Club Website

You may not be surprised to know that offline marketing is still as effective as online marketing, here are some more ideas to advertise your club.

  • Newspaper and Magazine editorial/sponsored advertisement
  • Social media – Twitter/Facebook
  • Banner Advertisements on local websites
  • Flyer distribution
  • Groupon and other coupon sites
  • Radio
  • Stationary/Tshirt print
  • School fayre / festivals
  • Post it note in a shop window
  • Exclusinve (time limited) Offers
  • Link / Upsell Offers

Let’s say you are a fishing club, you could use the local bait and tackle shop to power a marketing offer such as subsitise costs of bait to your members if they shop at the local store. Ask the owners of the store to advertise this offers to non members.