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Welcome to Website Marketing Services Agency UK. We provide professional marketing services to small and medium businesses. Our focus areas lies in the area of keyword research and general internet marketing services. Without strong keywords, a website will fail to attract customers. Many businesses have certain budget constraints, this is where Website Presence comes in.

We are what you call an "old skool" marketers where our websites have sticking power. the companies we have worked for have stayed up in the Google search results for many years thus ranking very well on the first page. We help companies identify profitable opportunities by creating niche websites to help maximize sales. We reveal desires, needs and pains of any target audience. We can spy on and dominate your competition making your business the "leading expert" and generate endless ideas for content with fully researched keywords that attract buyers.

Website Presence Marketing Services

SEO Marketing Services

Website Presence Agency is a small team of dedicated digital entrepreneurs who can help in all aspects of your business. At our core, we specialise in the most important factor in SEO; Keyword Research and website marketing. We save companies a lot of money by improving positions in organic search results in search engines. We rarely need to use other advertising tools such as Google Adwords because our SEO is efficient and targets the right people to your business .

It's far too easy to become complacent and think people will come to you, they won't. Whether you are starting up a business or maintaining one, you have to graft at it every day.  - Denise Webster


Extra Services We Provide

Database building is labour intensive and can involve hours of paying attention to present specific information in detail. However, very often companies are not prepared to hire an employee for this purpose or have the resources to justify paying someone on a full time basis just for the purpose of prospecting. Prospecting is one of the most time consuming elements of any business but without the prospects, there is little chance of making the sale. As well as the services listed on our home page here are other services we provide.

Social Media Marketing

We have experience in setting up a Facebook shopping pages and manage Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Google Plus accounts. Social media platforms allow websites to connect directly to customers and potial clients. Social media marketing is one of the best parts of marketing that will attract new customers.

By understanding your target market, we can help grow your business popularity and build a trust worthy brand that dominates your market. Website Presence offers a free review as part of it's services so we can find out exactly what you need to do in order to get your business on the first page in search engines.

Business Services

We enjoy seeing businesses grow and prosper! We aim to improve revenue by using effective sales techniques and become more efficient and effective. We teach businesses how to do online marketing and how to improve improve performance and make necessary changes to achieve success.

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Referral And Follow Up Services

As well as lead generation, our passion is in the "after market". All too often businesses spend too much time and money trying to attract prospectors rather than paying attention to the clients they already have in their database. We can create attractive "follow up cards" that can keep your business in the fore. Greetings cards sent to your staff and customers encourages them to stay with your as they feel valued and appreciated.